Chiang Mai Discount & Reopening the Hub with Rice Paddy View

Hi there Chiang Mai Crowd!
originally a CM-nomad myself, I now happen own & run the most nomad coworking space in Vietnam: Hub Hoi An. I’d love for my CM peeps to come over after we reopen and strengthen the CM-Hoi An connection – so I’m offering free airport pickups for the direct flight on Thursdays*.

On February 23 we’ve reopened in this custom-built space:

Chair Hammocks
Shot from New Glass House into "Social" Outdoor Area


* The Free Airport Pick-Up
we’re providing a free airport shuttle for the direct CNX-DAD flight on Thursdays for all customers. Please write us at least 7 days in advance. A membership booking is required.

To Book
Just email us at including dates, preferred currencies and preferred means of payment (Revolut, Wise, Bank Transfer).

Navigating the rest of this Website
The rest of this Website is a bit out of date and about our old space, but the prices are correct, and we’re still all about community, connecting people and member events. Just now we take the coworking part a little bit more serious (proper office chairs etc).

360 Photosphere of the New Hub
Navigate around this 360 photo to get a more immersive impression.