We are a Startup looking for an office to rent – is the Hub suitable for us?2018-10-03T13:19:35+07:00

No, not really. We don’t have private office space for rent and our space is too small for hosting a team bigger than 5 people. We welcome groups but it would be provided in the shared work space which is also used by all other members. If you need a space for your team, check out the newly built SURF Space in Da Nang.

I am an Online teacher, tutor, coach – is the Hub suitable for me?2018-10-03T13:16:02+07:00

Mmh…not really. Sorry. Our space is an open, collaborative and shared workspace. We provide only one meeting room, which can be used from our members due to availability and a maximum of 2 hours / day. Our space is too small for online coaching, tutoring or teaching purposes. We don’t provide private offices for rent. We also don’t focus on daily drop-ins but rather on 1-Week or 1-Month memberships as the main pillar of our concept is building a community.

What about power cuts?2018-05-15T06:09:13+07:00

We are happy you ask this question. In the last 12 months (April 2017-2018), we experienced 10 power cuts, most of them last for less than 4 hours.

Our team is checking the power cut schedule every week. In the event of an unscheduled power cut, we equipped the Hub’s wifi with a backup battery that last for about 20 minutes. Give us some minutes to figure out the circumstances and we will set up a generator that provides the electricity for the basic needs including plugs, wifi and our main fridge.

Vietnam is a fast developing country and power cuts are rare. Especially in the Hub area. Power cuts were no big deal in the last year. Finger’s crossed.

How can I pay my membership?2018-05-15T05:53:22+07:00

We offer payment in cash (Vietnamese Dong). We don’t accept US Dollar or Euros. No Traveller Cheques as well 🙂 If you decide to stay at the Ricefield Homestay, you can pay the total package price with your credit card (+3% fee of the total price) at the Ricefield.

You can pay your membership on the day you come here and decide what membership you want to buy.

Can I rent a private office?2017-08-22T05:34:58+07:00

No. At Hub Hoi An we created a concept of an open collaborative work space. You can not “book” your own desk. Of course you can use the Meeting Room for your private phone calls. Please fill out the schedule with your name and the time when you’re here. Do you need the reservation for the Meeting Room in advance? Just send us an E-Mail hello@hubhoian.com

How fast is the internet?2017-08-22T05:30:43+07:00

We do our best to provide reliable, constant and fast internet at Hub Hoi An. Our internet connection is a fiber optic line, with a shared 60mbps up and down. We’ve chosen to use Viettel as it is known as the best internet provider in Central Vietnam.

We have an average wifi speed of 65mbps download and 62mbps upload.

To provide the best internet for you, we equipped the Hub with imported UniFi hardware. We have two access points in total, one inside the house and one inside the glasshouse in the garden.

What technical equipment do you provide?2017-08-22T05:37:01+07:00

We are happy that you are curious about it. As we know you might not bring all the equipment during your travels, we are providing the following for you:

  • Nexus Laptopstands
  • Mice (Bluetooth)
  • Keyboards (Bluetooth)
  • Extension cables
  • Lan cable
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Office supplies (from paper to color pens)
  • Printer (5 printouts per day for free b/w or colour)
  • Scanner
  • Copy-Service (5 copies per day for free b/w or colour)
How many seats do you provide?2018-05-15T06:01:56+07:00

Hub Hoi An provides in total 25-30 work places. Depending on the season.

  • 15 seats in our air conditioned glass house (main work place incl. 2 standing desks)
  • 5 seats in our air conditioned quiet room (inside the house with rice paddy view)
  • 2-4 seats in our air conditioned meeting room (inside the house with garden view)

Maximum of 20 seats in airconditioned rooms plus 2-4 seats meeting room.

  • 10 seats on our huge lunch table in our garden (no aircon, outside, plugs on-site)
  • 1 standing desk in the coffee corner (2-4 persons, plugs on-site)
  • 1 table in our front yard under our lush green mango tree (1-2 persons, plugs on-site)

Maximum of 10 seats in our garden area.