Pre-Payments to support Hub Hoi An during Covid-19

We are sooo happy you are here and that you want to support us.

If you have plans to come back within the next 3 years and you want to support us to be still there, please support us financially.

We offer you to pre-pay for monthly memberships at the Hub here in Hoi An. Pre-payments will allow us to cover the monthly expenses such as rent and staff during this crisis. And they make it possible for you to join us again – once all this mess is over.

You can also join us with a supporter membership between $10 and $30/month or help with a one-off donation.

Prepaid members and supporters will get these unique perks:

  • First priority access: the past two summers we had a waitlist. If you support us now, you get guaranteed access if at all possible or at the very least jump to the top of the waitlist.
  • Wall of fame – at the Hub and on our Website with an optional link to your website
  • Inner circle slack channel and call every two months. Stay connected and have your voice heard.

We are happy to…

  • Send you invoices for any payments made
  • Give you the flexibility to use the prepaid memberships any time within the next 3 years!
  • Accommodate your ideas for supporting us or pre-paying for anything we can deliver

Does it sound good to you?

If you think, HELL, YES! I want to support the Hub to survive Covid-19, please have a look at the options below. If PayPal or paying in dollars isn’t ideal for you, email us.

1-Month Membership

  • Lock in 2020 pricing
  • A month of membership any time in the next 3 years
  • Priority access
  • Wall of fame
  • Inner Circle Membership

2-Month Membership

  • 12% discount
  • 2 months of membership any time in the next 3 years
  • Priority access
  • Wall of fame
  • Inner Circle Membership

3-Month Membership

  • 20% discount
  • 3 months of membership any time in the next 3 years
  • Priority access
  • Wall of fame
  • Inner Circle Membership

Supporter Membership

  • 10% discount on all future monthly memberships*
  • Priority access
  • Wall of fame
  • Inner Circle Membership

Pay what you want

  • Let us know if it’s a donation or if you want to use it towards your next membership
  • Priority access
  • Wall of fame
  • Inner Circle Membership*
*future discounts require ongoing membership
*inner circle membership for donations over $100

Unlimited Coworking – Flat rate packages for 1-5 Years

Are you ready to commit to a larger amount and be the person that makes a major difference to the situation of the Hub? Do you love the feeling of unlimited access without worrying about counting days and having to figure out what exactly you’ll end up paying for them? Yearly memberships offer great pricing and we’d love to welcome you to the family
Give us a call at +84866865561, Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal at +491787576438 or email us.

Photo credit: Aaron Wasserman
Community Lunch
Cozy sofa in our art corner

If you have any questions about Hoi An or our Coworking Space, please don’t hesitate to ask here or drop us an E-Mail at hello@hubhoian.com.  For general updates during Covid-19, please check our Facebook or have a look into our Community.
Hẹn gặp lại bạn ở Hội An [See you in Hoi An]

Sarah – Founder & Owner Hub Hoi An Coworking & Community space