Pre-Payments to support Hub Hoi An during Covid-19

We are sooo happy you are here and that you want to support us.

Hub Hoi An Community space


Access to all our events [24 events per month]

Possibility to host your own workshop or skill sharing event Private Hub Hoi An

Hoi An discount card with many discounts from your fav. places in town

Event pass group chat

Free coffee, tea and water at Hub Hoi An

Discounted price for our daily community lunches [5x per week]

Access to our community of talents, professionals, life and business hackers



If you have plans to come back in the next year or two and you want to support us to be still there, please support us financially.

We offer you a pre-payment plan for your next 1 or 2-Months memberships at the Hub here in Hoi An. Pre-payments will allow us to cover the monthly expenses during this crisis. And they make it possible for you to join us again – once all this mess is over.

I created a flexible payment plan with one time and six times payments. You can also find a “Pay what you want” option, which we then convert in membership.

We are are happy to…

  • Send you invoices for your pre-payments.
  • Ensure that we keep track of your payments. You can trust my German-ness in this.
  • Give you the flexibility to use these payments any time within the next 18 months. But hey, if you decide to come back in 20 or 24 months, that is fine too. We keep that easy.
  • Pay you a refund in a for us doable time frame in the event you step back from your decision.

And… let us find a wall of fame in our space where we highlight all our patrons, who helped us out during this time.

Does it sound good for you?

If you think, HELL, YESS! I want to support the Hub financially to survive Covid-19, please have a look in the pre-payment plans below.


  • pay 6x $29 [$174 in total]
  • plus 1x free community lunch


  • pay 6x $57 [$340 in total]
  • plus 3x free community lunch
  • incl. 5% off for 2nd month


  • pay 1x $174
  • plus 1x free community lunch


  • pay 1x $340
  • plus 2 weeks free community lunches
  • incl. 5% off for 2nd month

Pay what you want

  • pay what you want
  • we use it towards your next membership or your next coffees
Photo credit: Aaron Wasserman
Community Lunch
Cozy sofa in our art corner

If you have any questions about Hoi An or our Coworking Space, please don’t hesitate to ask here or drop us an E-Mail at hello@hubhoian.com.  For general updates during Covid-19, please check our Facebook or have a look into our Community.
Hẹn gặp lại bạn ở Hội An [See you in Hoi An]

Sarah – Founder & Owner Hub Hoi An Coworking & Community space